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My name is Carle and I am the owner and metalsmith behind Pestana Jewelry. While my hands have been working in clay and jewelry since a young age, I began working with silver about five years ago before moving to Barcelona, where I spent a year honing my technique. Since my first class I've been in love with making jewelry and have been teaching myself new techniques ever since. My goal is to offer one of a kind, mindfully made jewelry that is wearable for any occasion. Each piece is slowly and diligently made to last.

 I am inspired by my little-kid self, always making it a point to buy a ring wherever I traveled to remind me of the experiences, the people and the places I was fortunate enough to see. With that in mind I dove deep into this craft in hopes of creating that feeling for others.

I hand forge, hammer, design and curate unique pieces using sterling silver and precious gemstones. All gems are sourced from small businesses. I most enjoy working with turquoise, however if I see a stone that resonates with me I will try and incorporate it into my work. To me Pestana is simple, yet bold. Organic. 

Each piece is entirely made by hand in my small studio in Bend, Oregon. I hope you enjoy wearing my pieces as much as I enjoy making them!

                                                                           With love & light,